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Meet Melissa Agnes

Melissa is a globally recognized expert, thought leader and visionary in the field of crisis communication and crisis leadership. She has worked with NATO, the Pentagon (DoD), Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, financial firms, technology...

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2 min read

The Link Between Safety, Inclusion, Happiness And Productivity Is Real

When employees feel included, welcomed and psychologically safe, they feel happy, and when they’re happy, they’re more productive. In 2019, Oxford...

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3 min read

Microaggressions in the Workplace

Unfortunately, good things don’t always come in small packages. If you’re not already familiar with the relatively recent buzzword, microaggressions,...

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1 min read

Many leaders are grossly underestimating the importance of health and safety to employees

If you think applicants aren’t paying attention to your commitment to health and safety, think again. The results of the most recent Health and...

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3 min read

Domestic violence may be looming over your workplace. Are you ready to protect employees?

A recent article published in WSPS’ eNews highlights the importance of protecting employees from domestic violence. This pervasive threat may be...

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5 min read

HomeEquity Bank is Reaping the Rewards of Investing in its People and Culture

HomeEquity Bank is the provider of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage to Canadians aged 55 and better. In the last few months, HomeEquity Bank has appeared on...

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3 min read

Building your workplace mental health performance scorecard

Most employers recognize that creating a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace is essential to protect employees’ mental and physical health...

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3 min read

Give Your Managers Tools and Resources to Build a Psychologically Safe Workplace

LinkedIn's recently released 2023 Workplace Learning Report, a compilation of data collected from surveys completed by learning and development (L&D)...

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3 min read

Healthier, happier employees and better business results: Are you ready to adopt a four-day work week?

Before 2020, few employers could imagine having a large contingent, if not all, employees working from home. Of course, that was before the pandemic...

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3 min read

Manage conflict skillfully to promote learning and resolve hurt feelings

It’s natural for employees to have disagreements. However, negative emotions can fester if these situations are not managed properly. The individuals...

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