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Fresh Communications is an independent consulting firm with over 20 years of experience working with thought leaders and influencers who are passionate about creating diverse, inclusive, healthy and safe workplaces and communities. Fresh provides a full range of services, including strategic communications counsel and planning, thought leadership content planning and development, issues management, crisis communications, and change communication.

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2 min read

Bottom Line: Brain and Body Health are Inextricably Linked

A psychologically safe workplace not only promotes mental health and prevents mental harm, it can have a profound impact on employees’ physical...

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4 min read

Long Haul COVID

Are you supporting employees suffering with long COVID?

Imagine feeling the way you do about all we've been through these last three years and at the...

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Image of a person using a laptop and phone

The Rise of Cyberbullying in the Workplace

Most of us recognize bullying when we see it. As something we first encountered on the playground, in locker rooms, or school hallways, we often...

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