Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley

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Two people crossing a bridge to get to other side of mountain, four people standing underneath holding it up

3 min read

Leadership Behaviours to Support Mental Health

As leaders, most of the advice we seek today will be yesterday’s news by tomorrow. But we believe there are two pieces of advice on which you’ll be able to hang your hat throughout the entirety of COVID-19 - and beyond.

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Individual sittin at desk in front of laptop, participating in a web conference call

2 min read

Managing and Supporting Teams During the Pandemic

Nowhere is this business as usual. In this pandemic there is and will be a lot of uncertainty and fear. Employers and managers need to be...

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Isolated woman in window reflection

2 min read

Exploring The Link Between Perceived Isolation and Psychological Safety

What is perceived isolation and how could this impact employees’ psychological safety?

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9 min read

Managers have a Role to Play in Preventing Suicide

Many leaders have created, or are in the process of building, mental health programs in their workplaces. Most are founded on accessibility,...

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