Health and Safety Leadership & Employee Surveys


Two years of reimagining processes and protocols in light of the pandemic has dramatically elevated the importance of workplace health and safety. The value of a strong health and safety culture has increased exponentially. The evidence for this shift continues to be illuminated in the Health & Safety Leadership Survey.

In 2021, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) and RKI partnered again for:

  • Our Third Annual Health and Safety Leadership Survey
  • Our first Health & Safety Employee Survey

The results provide an enlightening view on the state of health and safety including areas where there is disparity between what senior leaders believe and what employees see on the front lines.


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Key Insights on Critical Issues

The survey focused on factors of critical interest to senior business leaders and decision-makers, such as:

  • How firms with a strong health and safety culture were able to effectively cope with the pandemic
  • When and how vaccine mandates have been implemented
  • The importance of senior leadership driving the health and safety conversation
  • How mental health is linked to employee productivity and employee engagement
  • Key drivers for improving health and safety
  • Emerging issues

The Health & Safety Leadership and Employee Survey White Paper is now available.